Eat To Earn

SynchroLife is a restaurant review app
where you earn crypto assets for your
reviews and dining bill.

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Vision & Mission

SynchroLife is a token economy based global restaurant social review platform, a combination of a restaurant discovery service (Web2) and the world’s first Eat to Earn platform (Web3).

We’re creating a world where consumers are rewarded for the value they provide.

Business Model

Our "Eat To Earn" model creates growth for the SynchroLife platform. SynchroLife is also an ally for
restaurants, allowing restaurants to obtain and retain customers with CRM and loyalty services.

What Makes SynchroLife Unique

Earn Crypto From Daily Spending
Web3 “Eat To Earn” Meets Foodie Social Media

Current Traction

SynchroLife’s “Eat To Earn” Model released a β version in October 2018
and the community has grown steadily since then.


SynchroLife rewards users that contribute to the growth of the platform.


The “Eat To Earn” rewards half every two years.

Ecosystem Partners

SynchroCoin (SYC) is SynchroLife’s native token which was launched in 2017.

SYC Token Address (ERC-20):

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SYC Token Address (Polygon):

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SynchroLife has 18 full time team members. Lead by a managing team made up of a serial entrepreneur
with restaurant industry experience, a super engineer knowledgable on blockchain technology, and an
accountant with extensive financial and management experience.

Tomochika Kamiya

Founder & CEO

Hiroshi Mita


Motoshi Shimizu

Co-founder & Accountant

Shun Sato

Creative Director

Yohei Shiobara

Sales Team Manager

Laura Symborski

Brand & Marketing Lead


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